Thursday, May 10, 2007


Ok, after a long absence, I'm back. Just like it say in the above title. I am going to try and have a daily (close to daily) post that is Fantasy Baseball relevant. My blood pressure has been rising up and down for the past month and a half and I figured it was probably because I didnt have an outlet for all the drama involved in mananging a team in a pretty competitive league. So i'll try to write and let my rage hit the page. I want to make a few disclaimers first: My style is going to be borderline copy-cat to the wonderful people over at The Talented Mr Roto, where I just get on here and meat out on a post and make observations about the daily baseball happenings. My grammar and structure and spelling and organization and all that stuff will be, erh, bad. But I think it'll be able to give whatever readers i have out there a chance to really get inside my head as i ponder the wonderful sport of Baseball. And just like those guys at the real site; i'll throw some pop culture, personal experiences, and current events into the mix. Basically i'll just meat out. I aint joking when i say this: it will be a bunch of monkey business. If you want a dose of real talent go visit my inspirations: That site's blog is really the best out here. Im just an amateur trying to do something fun with all my fantasy thoughts and give all the hardwork spent some purpose.

Ok, another thing. I am going to do it a little differently then them. I will focus on my own particular team. Im not too worried displaying some sort of hidden strategy to the other league members cuz i aint got one. and none of them will probably read it.

Ill jump right into it. After my team we'll take a look at the famous box scores....

Here is my Team:

C - Russell Martin - he is a complete meathead. The entire off-season I have been dreaming of his potential. He hits for AVG, will hit a few jimmy jacks and steal a couple. Today he was Ofer but i cant complain with his performance.

1B - Richie Sexson - I have a few of these TYPES on my team. Those guys that are so frustrating to watch because you have suffer through their frequent slumps to get the big "hot streaks". Today he came in down by a 100 and grounded out. That aint so odd.
2B - Ian Kinsler - I have been obsessed with Kinsler for a good 2 years. This year I had Josh Barfield in my sights and as the serptine draft made its way back to me I watched 10 guys get drafted without the last name Barfield before my buddy autodrafted him. I cursed loudly and the quickly, excitedly, nervously selected Kinsler. I felt a wave of relief drain out of my body. I was happy. Tonight Kinsler continued on the path of his latest trend to strikeout 3 times. He'll be ok. He'll be ok. I hate it when people say that, "he'll be ok" how do we know? he could be horrible. I doubt it.
3B - Alex Rodriguez - ill be tapping away about Arod this year. He actually swung and missed a pitch. What nerve. Im thinking of trading him for Casey Blake. Blake has been HOT!!! He is great.
SS - Troy Tulowitzki - Another guy that I am obsessed with this year. He was 2-4 with 2 RBIs. cant complain with that everyday.
OF - Andruw Jones - oh the humanity, oh the humanity. It looks like he's decided to come around a bit. He's brought his average back to .245, whatever happened to "contract year"

Ok, im tired of typing, so here is a short version.

OF - Juan Pierre -2/3 2 bags
OF - Billy Butler - 1/3 on the "chopping block", could be a year away from glory
BENCH - Shane Victorino - did not play tonight - could he be this years Hanley?????
UTI - Placido Polanco 3/4 couple of RBIS, Rs... i gotta stick with him this year. He's going keep my AVERAGE up.
UTI - Dan Johnson - He was in my lineup today. this line is worth postng. 4-4 4R 2HR 4RBI, WOW!!!! I have high hopes for this fella. I doted on him last year and got burned. It cannot happen twice.
BENCH - Stephen Drew - a sore subject right now.
BENCH - Willy Taveras - "this year's Hanley Ramirez?????

none of my pitchers pitched tonight so i'll call it quits.

SP - John Smoltz -
SP - Cole Hamels
RP - Mike Gonzalez
RP - Joakim Soria
P - Matt Capps
P - J. Accardo
P - Matt Cain
BENCH - Scott Kazmir
DL - Pedro Martinez
DL - Bob Wickman

I might not post again unti monday but i WILL NOT give up. I swear. Im watching Scrubs right now and do not have the mental capcity.

NOTE - this post was not spell checked.