Sunday, December 31, 2006

Someone Stole Tom Coughlin's playbook.

Ever since the early disastrous, disgusting playoff exit by the Giants last year I have been convinced that Mr. Tom Coughlin got his playbook stolen. For all I know it could've been an inside job! Plaxico Burress could've hocked it for a few bottles of Cristal or a few visors that he has selfishly worn on the sidelines. But regardless of the culprit, bottom line points to the missing playbook.

I know this great sport is infected with "arm-chair" coaches (or whatever you call them) but they might be right this time. It seems that everytime the Giants take the field I notice the opposing squad all gathered together whispering and murmuring together, barely able to catch their breath. It reminds me of Ole Miss college, when the more charming individuals were able to aquire and distribute a copy of that economics multiple choice midterm test (0r old test and the professors were too lazy to change the questions ). Yep, you all know that feeling. As you sit there tingling, waiting for the test to make its way to your desk. You turn it over and quickly find the first question to be an already existing image in your coconut. Your first instict is too relax and take a few breaths but the excitement is uncontrollable, kind of like the feeling you have when you get into a freshly made bed. Where the covers are cool and they smell of detergent. Its an uncontrolable feeling, your legs lose authority and began to flail and wiggle about the sheets as you start to nest. OK. Enough about fresh sheets and cheating on midterms. Im starting to become as confusing as a 300 lb American-Italian's rants in some Staten Island condo as he watches, on the tube, Eli scramble into the arms of a ragin lunatic.

Im not going to get into any kind of real life proof of this stolen playbook with plays and such because I cant. Just trust me. Andy Reid has our playbook and he it's going to cost Tom Coughlin his job.

Ok. I know that first post was disgusting. This is my first "blog" and I am working against a very short deadline. I actually have New Years plan but wanted to blog. My future blogs will hopefully be created with a bit more preparation.....